I am loosing the ability to browse the internet.

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    Loosing the ability to browse the internet after a period of inactivity!

    If my wireless computer is left idle for many hours, I loose the ability to access a website using the site name (i.e. http://www.anysite.com). If I type and IP Address of the site, it will work but I cannot navigate the site, because at that point a DNS name is used, not IP Address.

    I am unable to determine the minimum idle time

    I have to restart the Zeroshell Router to be able to browse the internet.

    This is not isolated to my system. My router is connected to another Zeroshell router using OpenVPN and that other Zeroshell router is having the same problem.

    I believe that issue is starting from my Zeroshell router because when I disconnected the VPN, the other Zeroshell router is not having any issues browsing the internet.

    There is no LOG indicating a problem.
    There is no error message of any kind.

    The only thing I can think of is that in the DHCP setup for the Wireless, the DNS IP Address listed is pointing to a Domain Server that is not always running (do not ask why).

    My Zeroshell version: 1.0.beta10
    The other Zerishell version: 1.0.beta9


    After upgrading one of my two Zeroshell Network Servers from 1.0.beta9 to 1.0.beta10, the problem started.

    The Captive Portal on 1.0.beta10 was forwarding all Authentication to the Captive Portal on 1.0.beta9. Once I stopped the Captive Portal on 1.0.beta10 from forwarding its Authentications the problem stopped.

    Even through it is working, I am still unsure of the problem’s origin because the Captive Portal was assigned to the Guest Wireless Port and has not been in use for several weeks.

    I do not believe that the issue was an incompatibility issue between the two versions. It just happened to be the only solution that worked for me, because of my limited knowledge and experience.


    I was using ZoneLabs firewall and it disabled my ability to access the network after a period of inactivity.

    Once I uninstall the application the issue was resolved.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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