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    Hi everyone!

    My internet provider allow connection for 10 PCs (in DHCP only) each with 300 parallel connections.
    I want to use a router to control the traffic and give priorities.

    So the question:
    How can I setup Zeroshell in order to simulate 10 PCs in DHCP and be able to use use 10*300=3000 parallel connections?

    I’ll then use NetBalancer to split the traffic.



    used 10 vmbox… 🙄



    Ehm, I noticed that I don’t need DHCP, so:

    How can I connect my ZeroShell to a router using multiple IP and balancing between them?

    I read that BOND allow to use multiple connections, can I Add IP to ETH1 (for WAN) and BOND them in “Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing”?
    ..or is this a heresy? ..because I tried and didn’t work..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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