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    Hi, I have a problem while i try to limit the conection time for the users by using kerberos 5, I set the time to 20 minutes to each one in the max time limit ticket, but they are conected all the time.

    Anyone knows how to do this?



    Dear mcgregox,

    Zeroshell does not support time limit connection with ticket. In the future, as Fulvio said, there will be a version of zeroshell with accounting. By that time time limit will be posible.

    I am also waiting for this accounting module of Zeroshell more than a year now!

    I am not compaining because Fulvio have given us a wonderful piece of software that is doing a lot of work the way it is now!


    It seems you already have a production environment enabled with a huge disappointment from zeroshell as far as the accounting goes but there is a fix. If you need to enable time limits you can proxy your radius requests to another radius server that’s configured for accounting and then limit your users as you see fit.
    This would allow you to retain your authentication, encryption, routing and other settings to limit downtime.
    Also this would probably be a better course of action that just waiting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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