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    Hi. I have been testing captive portals over the last few weeks and I stumbled across zeroshell. Looks great.

    I am currently running coova (captive portal software for wrt54g built on openwrt) on a wrt54g, and for the most part everything was working great except one thing, I cannot restrict multiple logins by the same account. So someone could share the password with others and have unlimited access to my wifi. This is what is forcing me to look else where.

    I have a couple questions about zeroshell. I have done some reading and I am pretty familiar with networking and such. I am running a smoothwall 3.0 as my gateway. I have multiple access points and I really just want one SSID to host a captive portal. This is a new technology to me, I have been playing around with wifidog, coova, chillispot but forgive me for not being more educated. I am just frustrated with portals doing almost everything needed, or little to no documentation.

    1) Since I have a gateway and access points, is there any way to use zeroshell as a captive portal still without replacing these? I was hoping I could build a zeroshell box (or VM) and somehow have my access points direct their traffic to zeroshell to do the captive portal part.

    2) currently my captive portal (coova) has a login page that new users are redirected to after connecting to my wifi. From there they can click on a link to send me an email. This is how I answer questions from those who have issues connecting. Does zeroshell’s captive portal have this kind of functionality?

    Thank you so much for your response.


    Yes it is possible to do what you want.

    set up ZS with two network cards, have them bridged and make sure the one AP you want CP for has its traffic coming in on the “inside” of the bridge.

    then enable CP in bridge mode (on the inside network) and you should be in business.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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