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    Fluvio friend, congratulations on your version 12, I am new to linux, and distribute Wifi internet as 25 people, I am in Venezuela and firstly I would like to know if you have any Menera uste can receive donations from my country which is not pay pal or credit card, because in my country there is a rafter control is impossible to get dollars to buy online, if you have another way to receive donations, indicates to me and we’ll do it reaches even a modest but sincere contribution, the other thing that makes me communicate with you or anyone who can help me, is that I live in a town far from any town, and as I will succeed in bringing a satellite connection, but it is ruined, and then discovered zeroshell I want to know if you can install a modem via usb motorola Z6m, I tried but I did not recognize it, if you install this on your puedira zs one could push us and make netbalancer and remove the satellite and the reduction of cost would be substantial, 3500 600 BSF, please Could you address how to install my modem motorola Z6m tlf? I will be eternally grateful, and not only me but a whole community.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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