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    Just started playing with Zeroshell, but man I can already see this is great!!!

    If it works well in all aspects described it will eliminate at least five items off my long term to-do list in the company I work for…

    I am planning to use ZeroShell for:
    – one good PC based router on internal subnet, maybe even changing external one…
    – WLAN, LAN port and VPN clients authentication over radius-kerberos-AD,
    – replacing checkpoint with open vpn for road warriors,
    – implementing multiple links for LAN-LAN VPN tunneling with balancing,
    – doing QOS on our outgoing links/VPN tunnels and,
    – implementing transparent http proxy with AV and possibility to block MSN and Facebook!

    What else can I dream about???

    Thanks Fulvio!!!

    P.S. Keep up excellent work on low-bandwith usage https interface.
    It really rocks and is important for having fast remote management.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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