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    New user of Zeroshell here! Congratulations for the excellent work! Some remarks I would like to point:
    1) Couldn’t find any snmp daemon which would help me represent the traffic on mrtg. Is there something or are you preparing it for a later version?
    2) My miniboard has embedded cf reader on /dev/hdd and currently in order to boot the image I have installed a cf-to-IDE and attached it to primary IDE cable. Is there any way to chenge grub or something similar in order to boot from /dev/hdd?
    3) I was not able to operate the dyndns client of Zeroshell with 2 accounts over the different ADSLs. By the time I enabled it, it disabled itself alsmost immediately cause it was constantly updating with my 2 IP addresses the same account. So as a workaround I made a policy based routing on Zeroshell to forward dyndns update packets from another linux box that are marked with iptables to the correct connection. Have you come across to a more politically correct solution for this scenario?

    If you need my help to anything regarding the Zeroshell project I will be happy to assist.


    Hi again and happy new year to all.

    Any ideas at least regarding the 2nd question with the boot sequence order?

    Thank you!


    Starting with the release 1.0.beta10 it is possible to boot from any IDE channel.



    I tried yesterday to boot from secondary slave and it failed. At the point that it should show the GRUB menu, the screen goes black and after 3 seconds it reboots. Any ideas why is this behavior?


    Thanks, I am new to zeroshell. I have downloaded the application successfully. As you stated here I have downloaded the latest version and try booting from secondary slave and it failed. Do you have any idea why this happened? Thanks in advance.

    Windows Vista help now

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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