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    Two problems, somewhat related.

    1) I have a Broadcom PCI (BCM4306) card to use for the WLAN. However, one must extract firmware from Broadcom files and that requires a “cutter” such as b43_cutter. It would be nice if this was added to ZeroShell as a basic utility.

    2) I was able to download the code for the cutter, and the Broadcom file with the firmware. However, the cutter is only available as a source package and must be compiled. Which leads to the second, bigger problem. Apparently, the included toolchain on ZeroShell beta 12 is non-functional. There are several related problems:

    a) the /usr/bin directory is not in the PATH. Exporting the added path does not work when spawning a Make so the path to compiler executables must be hard-coded into the Makefile. But there is a bigger problem …

    b) the toolchain is broken. While there is a “cc” in /usr/bin, it points to a non-existent “gcc”. Attempts to call the c++ entry in /usr/bin complain that there is no “cc” and then no “cc1”.

    c) since Beta 12 is being run off of a CD (no hard disk in the router, to reduce power and improve service lifetime), symlinks cannot be created to resolve any of the previous points, or to install the compiler toolchain.

    d) the symlinks to /var/src/linux or other source directories are also broken – there is no linux source or headers despite the 108 MB image size.

    e) Apparently, the various cutter tools must be built for a specific kernel version (not clear why), but none of my other machines uses 2.6.25; while it’s possible to setup a cross-compilation environment, that seems like a lot of work just to get a tiny utility to run.

    Ideally, the following would be done:

    1) Fix the various symlinks in the Beta 13
    2) Install Linux headers and basic source materials
    3) Install the toolchain and verify that all links are functional
    4) Include the source code and a compiled version of a cutter tool for those people who are not using Atheros chipsets
    5) Provide instructions on using the cutter (granted, it will still be necessary to download the Broadcom files in order to extract the firmware from them, for example, and to avoid copyright issues with Broadcom)

    Even more ideally, Broadcom would sign up to support ZeroShell! Great package, though I can’t quite use it for my home yet until I can get that wireless card working (or a replacement Atheros-compatible card). Only a fully secured (password and certificates) VPN solution for wireless clients is acceptable – if I want poor WEP or WPA I can use the defaults from a wireless router I have laying around.

    Suggestions, anyone? Is it possible someone could at least compile and post (to the downloads area) a working cutter tool in the short term?


    I’m trying to do something similar. Install some wifi drivers, but I need the linux headers installed. To do that I have to do a sh!tload more steps to get my zeroshell as a r/w copy. Which is fine, because I probably would have had to do that anyways, but they should have had the compat-wireless stuff installed already.

    I’m trying to load

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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