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    I have few(12) LAN networks, 172.16.x.0/24 (X=1 to 12), and WAN – (behind hrdware router).
    172.16.X.1 addresses are on same NICadapter. I want to disable routing between them. But I want to use “address group” in ruleset, something like “ALL_IP_Nets”, where ALL_IP_Nets include this 12 networks –,, …
    i.e SRC: All_IP_Nets, DST:All_IP_Nets,Service:ANY, DROP(or REJECT)


    Hi Bobb
    Thank you for replay.
    BUT …
    Its my fault 🙁
    the INCLUDEs the network, which is unacceptable in my situation(May be I mast do not use this network, but for the moments in this network there is application servers)

    What is I need (If someone is familiar with Winroute)
    Address Definitions:
    Net1 –
    Net2 –
    Net12 –


    And the rule is like:
    src | dst |Service | Action
    All_IP_Nets |All_IP_nets| Any | DROP/REJECT

    In iptables documentation there is option to use address groups, or alliases, or.. for source and destination, but what is the syntax, I cannot find nowhere such examples.

    Thanks to all

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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