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    Hi! Thanks for the great product. I love the powerful GUI.

    One feature that I had hoped for, but didn’t find, was automatic DNS entries for forward and reverse lookup zones when a DHCP address is created for a client. This is super-useful and very secure when both dhcpd and named are run on the same machine–one of the main benefits of doing so.

    I tried to use the DNS Options tab to make my changes, but that creates changes in the global scope, not in the per-zone scope, so I cannot enable dynamic DNS updates at all, unless I forego using the GUI at all to manage my DNS or DHCP servers.

    Could this be a feature for a release in the near future? It could be a checkbox in DHCP and another options tab (per-zone) in DNS, or a simple checkbox that allows updating of anything from anybody would be fine for my needs.


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