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    I’ve used the same exact procedure on my last 2 updates without any problems, so I’ll assume that isn’t an issue. I’m using ZS as an internet router (connected to a physical router) and a captive portal – while running as a VM under VirtualBox. This update was from b13 to b15.

    Fairly simple steps when I do an update…
    1. Do a couple of backups from the running version of ZS (with and w/o logs).
    2. Create a new and empty VM, with the iso file in the ‘CD’.
    3. Do a fresh (default ZS) install – log-in – and restore one of the backups.

    Everything appeared to work fine, but it was considerably slower than it usually is, and nothing in the logs seem to explain why. I was going through every function to see if some things had changed between versions that would need additional setup. When I opened DNS I got blasted with an error popup, and a message to ‘click on query’ for further details.

    Everything was intact from the restore, but none of the settings would resolve themselves. Restarting DNS had no affect. None of the internal IP’s I’d set up for additional services were available (resolved), and even ZS couldn’t find itself. Attached is a screen grab of DNS from the working b13 install. I have another DNS server set up (at for internal use, and it never gets requested under b15.

    This is a busy member network running 24/7/365, so it’s difficult to swap back and forth to diagnose, so… any idea what’s causing the entries to fail on the updated install?


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