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    Currently I am working on a research project of EAP-TLS. I want to do EAP-TLS authentication for a wired client. So, I visited couple of forums and I came to know about hostapd which can work as an authenticator in case of EAP-TLS authentication process. This is my testbed setup:





    ( ( ( (

    In case of wireless client and if I use Dlink wirelesss router as an authenticator, authentication works successfully.
    But in case of wired client scenario, authenticator is able to receive the request but is not able to forward to radius server. Where am I missing something?

    This is my hostapd.conf file:

    interface = eth1
    driver = wired
    own_ip_addr =
    # RADIUS authentication server
    auth_server_addr =
    auth_server_port =1812
    auth_server_shared_secret = whatever

    # RADIUS accounting server
    acct_server_addr =
    acct_server_port =1813
    acct_server_shared_secret = whatever

    Please help me to solve this.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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