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    Good morning,

    I am trying to proxy a RADIUS connection from a wireless
    access point to an IAS server running windows 2003. We
    have loaded Safeword, from Secure Computing, onto the
    Windows 2003 server. That process has introduced a .dll
    that will not allow eap authentication via RADIUS. I
    have been trying to strip the eap from the proxied
    request. Whenever I restart the RADIUS services on the
    Zeroshell server, the eap.conf is re-written.

    Any help you might be able to provide would be greatly

    Thank you in advance,



    Zeroshell has a boot script, i believe it’s called rc.local i think, it is editable with the web interface… you can try to change it…



    The rc.local script is one that can be used to execute my scripts. It is run after all other system scripts.

    I am specifically looking for the system script that overwrites the changes I have made manually in the eap.conf file.




    why don’t you copy the eap.conf file that you desire to some safe directory, and add a line on rc.local so that in the end of booting zeroshell he would copy your eap.conf configuration over the predefined one.



    Try with the following workaround:

    1) cp /root/kerbynet.cgi/template.cfg/eap.conf /Database
    2) Edit the file /Database/eap.conf
    3) From the web interface section [Setup]->[Startup] enable the execution of the file /etc/rc.local and put in this file the line:
    cp /Database/eap.conf /root/kerbynet.cgi/template.cfg
    4) Reboot the system




    I have modified the following file:


    Now whenever I restart the RADIUS server my changes are enforced.

    Thanks for the help.

    Any direction on removing EAP from the proxied requests? I want only MSCHAPv2 auth requests sent to my remote RADIUS server

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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