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    It is possible to include a DMZ in the Routers web interface?


    Is it possible to include port ranges in the Virtual Server interface

    Look forward to hearing your response….


    The next release includes the multiport port forwarding. You could now use this patch in the release beta11 by reading the post:

    What do you mean “DMZ web interface”?



    I was asking if there are plans to include a DMZ setting that can be configured from the Web Interface.

    Normally, I would have to forward ports to a particular address. So that the service of that particular server will be available from the WAN.

    With a DMZ options, one of the LAN clients server will not be blocked by the Firewall.

    My goal is to place a Dead End PC in the DMZ Zone. That way, would be Intruders / Hackers would be attacking a PC that has no other Network access and contains No Information or at lease Bogus Information.

    I do not know
    if there is great wisdom in my request, but I believe it could reduce the attacks on my legitimate servers accessible from the WAN

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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