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    Firstly, thanks a lot for your great work. Zeroshell is great!

    This is my environment:


    -ETH0 with DHCP enabled (pool

    -ETH1 ONLY for management (no DHCP).

    -STATIC ROUTE (to reach internet).

    -RADIUS client

    -Captive portal disabled (but tested with cp enabled)



    -SSID test (WPA2 enterprise) radius server

    -SSID test2 (WPA2 psk)

    DHCP server:

    -When I connect to SSID test (RADIUS user) zeroshell assigns IP from the DHCP pool
    When I connect to SSID test2 zeroshell assigns IP from DHCP the pool too.

    My goal is to assign the DHCP pool only to radius users.
    I can’t find the way to assign this DHCP pool only to authenticated RADIUS users and deny access to DHCP server to non RADIUS users.
    It’s possible to do that without using VLANs? Unfortunately I cannot use VLANs in this environment.

    Best regards![/b]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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