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    Been using Zeroshell on a couple of boxes, old dells, Sun X2100s, etc and recently got some Dell R210s to use. The beta14 iso does not boot on the Dell R210 – It shows “Probing USB and SATA CDROMS to startup the system…” until a Kernel panic. No matter which BIOS or boot settings are used.

    I assume its a driver problem. The isolinux is pretty old – 3.63.

    I like Zeroshell as its easy to boot from a cd. Is there an easy way to put a newer version of isolinux on the zeroshell iso or anyway to install drivers which support the Dell onboard sata in the existing iso?

    I’ve looked around and wasted plenty of time. Thought I would ask before I go down the path of manually setting up Debian/bridge/mrtg/iptables/apache and dd’ing to my several R210 boxes to do what I want, which is basically simple filtering bridges with mrtg and traffic shaping.




    See my two posts at

    There is an issue in Dell with SAS/SATA cdrom (cdrom plugs to a connector labeled SATA, but still shows as SAS…)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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