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    I’m a long-time user of pfSense, longer-time user of Linux, and LOVED discovering (just today) that this project existed!!

    Fulvio, I congratulate you on a FANTASTIC JOB, so far!! I’ve been waiting for a Linux-based Multi-WAN firewall solution forever!! I’ve been running ZS for several hours, and love what I see. I WILL be donating, as I’m able.

    In my meager few hours with ZS, these are a few things I’d love to see fixed / added in regards to DDNS, mostly due to my experience with pfSense (which is already replaced by ZS on my net, I might add):

    1. Why use your own updater code, when clients such as ddclient and the like work fine, and are more versatile than this seems to be?

    2. How might one edit config files, to provide for non-standard DDNS providers and/or network configurations?

    3. In a Multi-WAN network, might it not be necessary to update more than one iface’s DDNS account? I can’t seem to find out how one might do this, or even specify WHICH iface/IP to use for updates.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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