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    I would like to allow a range of IP addresses to get through Zeroshell without the need to authorize against the captive portal. Sadly only single IPs can be entered into the “Free Authorized Clients” for the captive portal. This would be far too laborious in my situation. I tried it with firewall rules as well (ACCEPT for the specific IPs in the Forward and Input chains). This does not work either as any new rule in the Input chain appears after the existing rules that capture the web traffic and redirect it to the captive portal. Regardless what sequence number I enter – the rule always lands behind the SYS_…. rules.
    Any ideas ?
    It would be great for future versions of Zeroshell to get these to things fixed:
    – allow IP ranges to be entered as “Free Authorized Clients”
    – you can add custom rules BEFORE the existing “hidden” rules in the Input and Output chains.

    thanks for all the good work.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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