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    I have Zeroshell installed with 3 networkcards in it.

    ETH0: Speedtouch 716 Wireless router
    ETH1: Connected to the network (internet)
    ETH2: Linksys Wireless Accesspoint

    Everything is working fine but after a couple of days I don’t get an IP address anymore with both of the accesspoints.

    I disconnected the Speedtouch and connected my notebook (with a hub) to the networkcard. Gave my notebook a static ip (in the correct range) because I didn’t get an dynamic ip address either.

    Now with my notebook it looks like I have a very bad connection. When I type the ip address of the zeroshell machine in my browser, I get the error webpage cannot be displayed, but sometimes it works fine.

    When I restart the zeroshell machine it works fine again for a couple days.

    Is there an setting I missed or something that this problem causes ?

    I have 1 firewall rule that drops packages between 22:00PM and 8:00AM maybe thats a problem ? That he does something strange because I have the times in a strange order ?

    (I’m not trying to connect between 22:00PM and 8:00AM but at normal times during the day).



    Try to change the hardware on which Zeroshell has been installed. I think it is incompatible because Zeroshell is able to reach high uptime without any problem.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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