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    Hey everyone,

    Me and my friend are trying to use zeroshell and its captive portal feature to create a netowork at our school since the tehchnician there is too lazy and we are willing to do this cos’ we want to learn something new.

    So our configuration is internet -> optical converter (or whatever is the name in english ^^) -> router -> computer with zeroshell installed (still not sure if it’s installed or not o.O ) -> switch -> access point -> client.

    We’ve been able to get IP from zeroshell on client station however we don’t have internet access. What could be the reason of this?

    And another (dumb) question is that we are not sure if we even installed zeroshell itself. The only thing we’ve been able to write on HDD was the profile but zeroshell was running from livecd

    Any tips are welcome, thanks a lot 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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