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    marti vielha

    Hi, in one post i see how to view bandwitch users or ip in the shell prompt, and now i am searching and i don´t see, do you can post here this command and other interesting command?




    i believe you are refering to —> iptraf just type into the shell


    marti vielha

    yes! it´s thankyou



    iptraf saves it’s settings in a config file

    But zeroshell doesn’t create the directory it needs.

    So do this:
    mkdir /var/local/iptraf

    It will be gone at the next zeroshell reboot, so it probably needs to be added to the bootup scripts.

    I use iptraf via a ssh connection to zeroshell.
    I set Configure–> Timers –> Screen update interval –> 1 second. Otherwise, iptraf itself continuously generates a lot of packets when you monitor the ETH that your ssh session is running on. (it’s not a problem on the console)



    You can always create the files or folders you want in /Database and create the links with a postboot script.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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