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    Dear all,

    I’ve setup a Zeroshell 1.0 beta12 gateway with VPN function (connect to a remote VPN subnet), and now I’m testing the Captive Portal to require authenticated Internet section.

    So far it is ok, however, I would like to allow the network users access the remote VPN site without need to login the Captive Portal. I tried to add this to the Captive Portal Gateway startup script:

    iptables -A CapPortFS -o VPN00 -j ACCEPT

    It seems works and allow the users use RDP, ping etc. to the remote VPN site without login the portal, however any web traffic in the VPN is still captured by the zeroshell’s Captive Portal. Is there any ways to also allow the web traffics? (HTTP and HTTPS)

    Thank you!


    I read this and I’m confused. Help me out here.

    1. You want a remote site to connect to zeroshell?

    2. You want local area networks to be able to access the remote site?

    3. What does any of this have to do with captive portal?



    Actually, I have a client wish to implement Captive Portal function in a gateway setup, but do not want the Captive Portal function block the openvpn connection.

    I found that by default the Captive Portal block all the outgoing traffic (including VPN traffic) running in the gateway mode!

    I’ve already setup the OpenVPN connection to connect the zeroshell to a remote site.



    Your reply is confusing. The best thing is to provide a diagram of what you’re trying to accomplish and then we can go from there.


    I have resolved with some custom iptables rules already, thanks!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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