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    ZS 1.0 beta16
    I’m configured as a Router doing NAT on the wan interface.
    Everything seems to be working with multiple IP addresses
    on the wan side and port forwarding to the inside, however…
    When I use a VPN client on the outside who assigns addresses like,
    port forwarding does not work. In working with other NAT boxes
    I’ve noticed that it is common to block private addresses through
    the box, i.e. , etc… Can’t find this on ZS.

    For example: I have a system on the inside and an address
    on the wan side of ZS with address Port forwarding from to Works fine when I ssh to this system from
    an address like When I use a vpn client, times out.
    From to the ZS box itself, works without using vpn.
    With vpn, times out.

    I’ve put iptables rules in:
    >setup>ssh allow

    iptables INPUT Chain position 1
    all –s all –j ACCEPT
    -s ALL –J accept
    -d ALL –J accept
    all –d –j ACCEPT

    Any ideas welcome

    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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