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    Dear all,
    This seems to be a very strange problem, most likely attributed to a corrupt LDAP database. However, it only appears when I do the following, and cannot be replicated for ANY other zone.

    1. I have an existings zone called, with SOA record & some additional entries (NS, A, MX). No problems here.
    2. I create an A type record for mail, with no problem.
    3. I try to create an A type record for WWW, but an error comes up “ERROR: ldap_add: Already exists (68)”.
    However, the www record IS nowhere listed.
    4. I try to delete it, no response is printed, and if one tries to recreate it, the above error comes up.
    5. Even worse, if I DELETE the ENTIRE ZONE, I can recreate everything BUT the www record for this domain.. its driving me nuts!!!

    My question is : how can I remove the www from the (possibly) corrupt LDAP database without affecting anything else?

    Any ideas?
    Thanks for your help and for a great product, fulvio.


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