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    Question: Can I setup Zeroshell as my primary windows Firewall; Virtually?

    I would like to install “Virtual Zeroshell” on my Windows Laptop.
    The reason is so that I can setup OpenVPN LAN to LAN connections to my other Zeroshell Servers & configure the Laptop to use Zeroshell and traverse the OpenVPN LAN to LAN networks.

    I am trying to not have to Connect and Disconnect [too & from] each Network using a Windows OpenVPN client.

    ***Is It Possible***



    What you could try is to install Zeroshell in a VMWare Player and force the Windows Default Gateway to be the IP of Zeroshell, but at the moment I wouldn’t know how to help you.



    I will take you suggestion and test it.

    I imagine that if this works, in will turn a standard windows OS in to a very powerful “Windows/Zeroshell Encrypted Server/Router”.

    Do you think it will be something you would consider testing?
    This way if I run into any issues; and I will; I can look to you for directions and or answers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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