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    I’m just a new user of OpenVPN.

    My scenario is:
    I have lots of end computers which can directly dial to internet. I have one LAN includes many servers and a ZeroShell.

    I want to setup a OpenVPN server on ZeroShell in order to make end computers dial in. Each of the end computers can visit internet with its own internet link, not though ZeroShell, and also can visit servers in the LAN at the same time.

    It that posible? How to setup? Thanks.


    You should just use the [Net] button to add the IP subnets to be tunneled in the VPN. If you do not do this all traffic is tunneled and routed by the VPN box.



    Thanks for your reply.
    My network:

    Server Lan:
    ETH00: Mask
    VPN99: Mask

    OpenVPN: –
    Source NAT enabled.

    I added in “IP Traffic to tunnel through VPN”.

    Now, end computer can dial in, and the route of internet accessing is right. But it cannot access my servers in Server Lan. Andalso, cannot Ping to

    How to fix it?

    Or, is that possible to make the VPN clients in the same subnet of my server lan without gateway?



    From what I understood from your message in your lan zeroshell doesen’t act as default router/gateway, but as a “vpn appliance” ( is not the default gateway of your lan). In this case you need to tell to your router (not in zeroshell) that for subnet must use the gateway adding a static route (something like gw You can even add this route only in the single pc (the server) if it’s the only one to reach (how to add a route to a windows pc:
    hope it will help, ciao

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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