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    I pitched an idea to Fulvio and he asked me to post it here in the forums to have others participate.

    What follows is what I wrote to Fulvio via e-mail on Fri, 4 Apr 2008 15:00:47 -0700. My e-mail was a question and request.

    I like many others have found Zeroshell to be there home
    (or other use) firewall platform choice. I use Zeroshell
    on the Alix 2c3 board and am happy with it. I am however
    wondering if the WRAP, ALIX, Soekris flash image has
    processor support for the Geode LX800 built into the
    Kernel? Or is the kernel a generic X86 support build?

    Would you be interested in porting your build environment
    to Buildroot-ng (OpenWRT Kamikaze) like build environment?
    I ask this because I would like to use the on-board
    encryption acceleration that the Geode processor supports.
    I also don’t want to asking you to host yet another image
    or create a custom image for each platform. I see this as
    extra work / time out of your life and extra cost for you
    to host the image. buildroot-ng would also allow other to
    build a custom flash image. It would also allow you and
    others out by being able to test new Zeroshell builds on
    the WRAP Alix or Soekris boards. It might also help in
    testing and including add on software like Quagga ( I
    don’t know if anyone as requested that add on package yet.
    ) with new and different base builds of Zeroshell.

    Thank you for providing a open source firewall platform
    that makes every ones life a bit easier.


    I’m all for a Buildroot-ng build environment as I’d love to be able to run ZeroShell on different embedded hardware like Linksys boxes (if they will have enough memory that is of course).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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