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    I’ve read through all the forum posts, and tried a million things – i’m out of ideas and would appreciate some help.

    I have two Zeroshell boxes, one at the data centre on a gig link, one at my home.

    My home has two ADSL connections which are 8 megabit down, 448kb up. Both are PPPoA with 1500 MTU.

    I have a bond, and openvpn links across both.

    I’m finding that a single VPN, unbonded is getting a throughput of around 1.5 megabit – this is awful. When bonded it gets just under 3.0.

    So the problem appears to be the throughput on a single VPN. I’ve tried tweaking tun-mtu, mssfix, fragment. I can make the figures improve, or worsen, but can’t get any more than 1.5 or 1.6 megabit on the tunnel.

    Machines are virtual, running on Hyper-V, 2gb RAM, very fast under utilised servers.

    I’ve also tried building the whole setup by hand in Ubuntu, and the results are the same.

    Quite simply – i need some help making an openVPN get better throughput on an ADSL line with a particularly slow upload.

    My stats are from iPerf. The lines individual get around 6mb.

    Any ideas?

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