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    Hello Everybody,
    I have just installed zeroshell on a new Soekris Net6501 and I am struggling with websites blocking. I am installing this router for a school, so blocking websites is among the main requirements, beeing new to Zeroshell, I found only useful documentation for the installation and other basic configurations, and something about using openDNS, but nothing on proper blocking websites. Can someone help me?
    For example, if I want to block, how would I do that?

    Thank you in advance!



    You should create a firewall rule, in the FORWARD chain, then in the ‘IPTABLES Parameters’, add

    -m ndpi --youtube

    If you know a bit how iptables work, should be easy …



    Thank you for your reply, I guess I will have to look into how iptables works! I have limited knowledge with them. Nothing straightforward? I am a bit running out time!! 😯



    just add a firewall rule to reject youtube IP



    Many such servers are distributed and load-balanced over multiple IPs on the DNS level. Blocking one IP is an incomplete and often temporary solution.


    Ali Mohamed

    Hello everybody,

    I want to know how i can block all Adults sites with one iptables parameters.
    I use -m ndpi –“site” but that way is very difficult for apply all adults sites
    Thanks you !


    Alarmar Colombia


    Open your web interface.
    In the Firewall Section (left menu), select the chain FORWARD and add a rule as follows:

    • Sequence: 1
    • Output: Select the internet output interface of your machine
    • nDPI section: Press the nDPI Manager, there add from the Available protocols list the ones you want to stop functioning, e.g. Youtube, then press the Confirm button and then the Close button.
    • ACTION: Select DROP
    • Press the Confirm button and then the Close button


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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