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    I am a new user on ZeroShell. And I have a small problem with adding the URL Blacklist on the proxy.
    I understood that to manually add a URL, i just to click on the button manage.
    However, I’d like to retrieve an Internet blacklist and integrate directly into the proxy.

    I found on a server, the directory havp (/Database/var/register/system/havp) in which there are the following files: blacklist (if enable / disable), blacklist.txt (URL write with the keyboard) … But I don’t know where I should add a file with a URL blacklist.

    If someone know can you help me



    I try to explain my problem in different way because i shall like to someone have an answer in my question.

    I want to know if it possible to include additional files in the blacklist for not enter manually various URL to be blocked since the Web interface.

    I want to use a script wich run by the cron to update automatically the site blacklisted.

    Thanks for your response

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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