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    Anyone have a recommendation for the best network card to use for a WiFi Access Point?

    I plan to use an old pc but it seems the recommended Atheros cards are pretty old themselves now and bit confused by a possible contradiction on the zeroshell website…

    The wireless-access-point page says I must use a WiFi network card (PCI or MiniPCI) with an Atheros chipset.

    The hw page says: All the PCI, USB and PCMCIA network cards supported by the Linux kernel are supported by ZeroShell too and should work correctly.

    ….really appreciate anyone views on this….so what’s the best card? or what cards work well esp for high demand?



    That might also depend if you want to have an Access point ( emitter ) or just a connection. ( receiver )

    kernel will support the receivers. For emitters you will need hostap app. The included hostap version will work with wle200nx . For newer cards you will need newer version of hostap.


    Bangliang Shen

    I have tried Intel and Atheros cards, both work well in Access point model

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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