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    A real silly one here (I think!). I’m looking to build a ‘bonding appliance’ to bond 4 or so ADSL lines for faster throughput. Obviously I need to connect the 4 ADSL lines (via Ethernet using existing modems/ routers) and have the ‘output’ bonded connection to my LAN.

    (I understand the need for a matching device at a datacentre etc, but think I understand that!)

    My initial assumption was a box with 5 physical ports – 4 ‘in’ and one ‘out’ however with a bit of thought could I not just use a switch and a single physical connection – must these connections be physicaly separate? As I am using the existing broadband routers I can arrange for each ADSL circuit to appear on a different IP and / or subnet? eg , etc?

    Thanks for any advise on my possible stupid question!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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