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    hi. please any body help me.
    i want access zeroshell from vm ware..
    i have download zeroshell and install it in vmware 7.
    the installation is success.
    the ip of zeroshell is
    user admin
    password zeroshell

    and then in my computer (i am using windows 7) i set my ip is with subnet

    then i open the mozilla firefox to access zeroshell vmware. in address bar i write (i wish it could be succeed) but the connection is timed out

    so what should i have to do to access zeroshell in vmware?
    is my setting is wrong?
    help me please.



    Hello, Vmware is a great platform for ZS, I have an extensive VM network in one server working well. Firstly can you access the ip of Vmware as displayed on the monitor that is directly connected to the Vmware PC? Also check the network configuration in Vmware, be sure that the network card assigned to ZS is actually connected to your LAN. I run a server with 8 NIC’s and it took a bit to get all working as needed. The old ping test is best, ping you Vmware pc and then ping your ZS ip address.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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