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    I need your help.
    1.- I have a router Mikrotik, a belkin and others Lynksys. I can use them with Zeroshell and a switch?
    2.-I can manipulate text files, or others within zeroshell with a script that is run from a web page?
    3.- What commands I can use in a script and where I can find the syntax?
    4.- How I can change the expiration date of account from a web page?
    5.- I can put into zeroshell other web page?
    6.- How many users can register with zeroshell?

    I have a small wireless Internet service and want to control my prepaid customers using secret codes and they use a link on the login page to enter that code and that the page update the expiration date of the account.

    I would appreciate a lot about what can help me.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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