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    Can the directory /usr/local/iptables use ramdisk?
    Every file use symbolic link to CF card
    Because we can add iptables modules link to userdirectory
    modules:psd ipp2p



    My ZS doesn’t have such a drictory, are you sure you copied the right one? Generally you can do any modifcation you want with a preboot or postboot script. Save the changes you want in /Database/patches/ and apply the with the pre-post-boot scripts.



    You can always use mount –bind to do the magic…

    # mount –bind dir1 dir2

    This will make dir1 to be mounted “over” dir2 (thus making the original contents of dir2 – and all its subfolders – unaccessible until you unmount it, so, be careful)

    Hope it is what you are looking for…

    Note: You can, once confirming you accomplished what you intended, use the pre-boot scripts to make it persistent after each boot.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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