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    Anas Firas


    i have make the donate and send email and i have waiting for 2 days ? what time is requird for recevied the code ?

    David Lopez

    Same here, i’m waiting for activation code. How many days will it take?

    Vito Bifano

    have you received the code?

    David Lopez

    Not yet….


    Any luck?

    David Lopez

    yes, this monday i recieved the activation code


    Good deal! I guess I just need to stop being impatient and sit tight then. 🙂 Thanks for the response!

    Marco Villar

    you guys got the activation license?
    i didnt get it yet:/

    Romain Provencal

    i am affraid. Maybe fulvio get trouble …
    I Expect everythings it’s ok for him.
    I wait … but it’s really freak …
    Usually he send activation code in one or two hour and even faster !
    I wait since 2 days now …


    Yea. I did get mine. Just took a few days.

    Nikhil D

    Same here, Not receive an activation key. How many days will it take?

    Alessandro Grisanti

    Activation Key Not recieved


    It takes 2-3 days but your over a holiday so could be a little longer. Patience is a virtue. 😉 He’ll get caught up soon I’m sure.

    Falko Franz

    meldung über betrug an paypal gemacht ..

    deinstallation von zeroshell ..

    möchte nur mein geld zurück ..

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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