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    To simplify providing a user with their pfx and openvpn configuration (ovpn) file, it’d be ideal to extend the user’s interface.

    Presently, it’s useful to allow a user to log in and change their password. Likewise, our users can download their key file via the web interface.

    However, users must also be provided their .ovpn file, and it must specify their key file(s).

    Suggest that administrators can upload .ovpn template files for their end users to download.

    These template files should allow you to specify %username% and dynamically replace that with the user’s keyfile name. So, the template line of:

    pkcs12 %username%.pfx # Use pkcs12 for ca, pub/pvt key

    would be replaced as:

    pkcs12 dnsadmin.pfx # Use pkcs12 for ca, pub/pvt key

    Then, end users can export their key, and their site profile given their credentials.

    Future enhancements to the user page could include:

    specifying one or more possible configuration files per user (different users may require different routes etc)

    creating a zip of the key files and configuration file

    forcing the user to change their password upon login

    hiding the ability to view the key
    hiding the ability to protect the key with a password (not ideal if you’re already requiring username password, and key to login)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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