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    We have 4 bonded VPN’s using 3G connections – each VPN is using UDP

    Each 3G SIM is capable of approx 1.5mbit/s – and when only one SIM is plugged into the the bond00 (i.e, just one vpn00 up) the connection speed through zeroshell is 1.5mbits

    When all the connections are used in the bond group (vpn00, vpn01, vpn02, vpn03), and downloading a single file, the connection speed observed is approx 400kbit/s over the whole bond (bond00)- less than the speed of using just one VPN in the bond

    If we start multiple file downloads (i.e. 20 downloads simultaneously) the bond interface speed increases to 5mbit/s – which is more like expected

    Why when only downloading a single file does the bond only perform at a fraction of the available bandwidth?




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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