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Zeroshell config:
uses PP0E and is connected.
Zeroshell is gateway
WAN nic: 67.xx.xx.xx
Internal nic:


My DNS server:
Internal nic:
External IP: 67.xx.xx.xx

This part is a bit confusing. Is your DNS going out thru ZS or does it have it’s own internet connection.
If it’s going thru ZS then I thik you should make your DNS make all DNS resolutions.
DNS setup:
gtw: ZS ip
DNS: ISP DNS or/and localhost
forwarders: ISPDNS

I did the following with Zeroshell:
DNS Fordwarders set to:
ANY domain server 67.xx.xx.xx

ZS should forward it’s requests to your DNS and/or ISP-s

Check if NAT is set on ZS.

Hope this helps