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Unfortunately I was pressed for time and had to go live with those routers before I could work out this process. We’ve been able to get by with the existing L7 definitions and custom filters for now.
Eventually I’ll need to setup a test system and work this out sometime in the future, but I’ve had a lot on my plate lately so it hasn’t been done.
However, what I did originally was manually download the L7 filters from the main site to my PC and extract them to a folder. I then read the install docs for the filters and looked at the file structure layout of the uncompressed archive as well as where the docs said those files and folders should end up on the system they were to be installed on. I SSH’d into the zeroshell box, used the command line to find the matching subdirectory, then manually downloaded and installed the filter updates there. I then rebooted to get it to pick up the new filters.

That’s the short version anyway. I wouldn’t do it on a production system the first time. It took me a couple of tries to get it right.

I think this is something that someone with the skills and time should volunteer to fix for Fulvio since it’s a powerful feature. When I looked at my options for an OS for the routers I setup, Zeroshell was the only one (that I found) that could do a transparent filter bridge as well as meet my other criteria. I’m sure others will use it for this reason as well, especially those who need to setup VoIP. It’s absolutely necessary for running a VoIP system to have bandwidth management capability.

I use the zeroshell system to reserve bandwidth for the VoIP system and prioritize it over the regular Internet traffic coming from our LAN.