Re: Thanks for your reply…


Yes, I do see where you’re coming from – looking to use an external router would give me more confidence from a security perspective, I guess – as well as simplifying things from a physical network topology perspective. The down-side for me is that I don’t have a spare (low-power) PC and to acquire one just for this purpose does seem excessive. I guess, if there were a very minimal router that I could flash with zeroshell – that might prove a compromise from a hardware perspective.

I realise that I could roll-my-own using shell – and cribbing techniques from existing systems would probably be sensible – but I had hoped to short-circuit all that by just installing a daemon that monitored eth0 – and if it failed for more than 30 seconds – bring up my 3G modem – and alter the routing table; send an alert email… and monitor eth0 for its recovery. I think I’d be happy to trust IPTables as the firewall – especially if the 3G modem would only be used infrequently during ADSL outages. What I’d hoped to find was a polished package that would take care of all the details, the ones I’ve not bothered to consider fully, in a sensible way. So far, I’m drawing a blank – and it looks like I’ll either be writing a Python one – or hacking my own shell scripts.

Thanks for your reply… and – yes – perhaps I would be better off thinking about Running zeroshell on a very minimalist device… Out of interest – what would you suggest? Is the most minimal device I can use something like an ITX PC – or can I go smaller/cheaper without accepting unreliability?