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I downloaded the program and the source file at:

Very bad surprise 😯

Visibly the code was “simplified” from the how-to provided 3 posts above !

All what it is able to do now is to blink the first led at 1Hz or 10Hz, depending of the presence of any argument.

Then I explored the parent directories and downloaded the archives there:

There is a compiled program alix-leds and its source file.

This one is able to address the 3 leds and use them in various ways:
– blink slow or fast,
– show the CPU load or the disk activity,
– show the state of the network interfaces…

Unfortunately the state of network is just up/down, not flashing with the activity, so it is quite perfectly useless – unless you have a process randomly touching your NICs and need to monitor how you are configured πŸ˜†

I could only use it to turn a led on or off by showing the state of a network interface that is always up, or one that does not exist πŸ˜†

And after that, it is necessary to kill the process because there is not even an option to set a led and exit πŸ˜₯

The GPIO working on Alix will be really welcome πŸ™