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Finally I could setup a valid and persistent config for my first need. I will add some utils later…

I created /DB/opt and installed the ipkg of the bank above inside this persistent directory. Then of course I added the URL in the ipkg.conf and /opt/bin in the path.

I added the following commands to the /etc/rc.local (and enabled it):

# Replace /opt with a link to the persistent one:
cp -dpuR /opt/* /DB/opt
rm -rf /opt
ln -s /DB/opt /opt

# Replace the basic profile with my options:
unalias cp
cp /DB/profile /etc/profile

# Startup Samba:

This is not a very esthetic integration, but it works and the goal is to forget it.

Actually I use very little of Samba: it just ensures a fast and permanent browsemaster to avoid Netbios delays.

If it can help…

Best regards.