Re: Re: Security

Harley Ben

@mariad wrote:

Well, when you say hackers can still find your original IP, it means the vpn would not be the best one to go for.
There must be something which is tried and tested.
You are right and i have done that too looking up with Google.
But the problem is most of them are review sites which i don’t believe in.
Do you have any review site which you trust on or have taken their suggestions while looking for a VPN.

Reason to make this thread was to get original experiences of people who have used one.

Well, there are many, at time when I was looking for I came across many review sites, read their blogs on VPNs and its features and I bought two of the VPNs that were highly ranked on several review sites and man I wasn’t wrong to do so (though I still don’t agree with protection I just use it for cloaking my IP and getting geo-locked content). Check for instance.