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@satbir wrote:


i hv followed the procedure as mentioned in the above link .. i am using AP as zeroshell wireless …secondly zeroshell wireless has WPA+EAP + Radius 802.1x .. where in abv link it shows AP configuration should be WPA +TKIP .

I don’t see mention of TKIP in the article you linked. It is my understanding that TKIP was an interim fix on WEP. I believe current recommendations are to use WPA2.

I don’t recall what set of instructions I used to setup “WPA2 Enterprise” on Zeroshell, but the ones you’ve linked to seem like what I did.

@satbir wrote:

I hv given the user name and password for each user in zeroshell USERS settings , when i try to connect SSID , it says authentication not valid and not asking user name and password given in zeroshell radius settings.

Please let me know what is the issue and help out.


Can you see the authentication attempt in the Radius log on ZeroShell?

If not, verify that you’ve set the shared secret in the WiFi access point and configured it to use Radius on ZS to do authentication.

If you do see log messages, they should give you an idea of what went wrong on authentication (unknown user, bad password, etc.)