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btw, pfsense is a piece of crap, don’t ever use it.

Really? Hmm, that’s funny, because we have 3 pfSense’s running as production firewalls since October last year, without a single hitch!
I also know a sysadmin who also has 2 in HEAVY production firewalls (250+ users) running pfSense 1.0.1, with zero issues.
I wish I could say the same about Zeroshell, because we had to remove the one we had for tests, because the longer the time, the slower it gets until eventually it dies.
I’ll be testing 1.0B5 soon to see if it fixed the issues.
And before anyone else jumps on this thread saying this is false, well, I know a huge ISP who had exactly the same problems we had, and also had to remove zeroshell.
pfSense and monowall don’t have these issues