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@baboo wrote:

I am running 1.0beta11 install. I am really seeing performance issues and wireless drops with window clients.

Here is the config:

DSL modem (set to transparent bridging)

Zeroshell router behind modem – configured to use pppoe.
wan nic :
lan nic:
DNS enabled
NAT enabled
DHCP enabled

D-link wireless router – configured as ap only.

I have a windows notebook that connects to ap and then gets DHCP from zeroshell. It will stay connected for about 30 minutes and then drops connection. Renewing ip or releasing does not restore connectivity. Only a reboot. Does anyone have any thoughts what might be causing this?

Also, my other computers running linux, when accessing web pages paints them slowly. This has never happened until I started using zeroshell for internet access.

Any thoughts? I am not using captive portal.


I have seen this issue in many manufactures of Wi-Fi equipment. I actually work for one and the first thing I always tell my customers is

1. For the drop off issue you need to do a few things
A. update the AP and the laptop. Make sure there isn’t a known issues on the manufacture of the laptops website for that card. (It is a very common problem especially on G cards)
B. Most all laptops and AP have a log file of what is going on when it gets disconnected. It will tell you exactly what happened when it disconnected

2. The second thing is to bench mark everything. it will tell you exactly where your bottle neck is.

Before you start testing everything make sure you test your cables PC to PC to make sure they are good. I have seen many cases where that was the problem!!!!!

IPERF is a program that you can run on your Linux box and KPERF is a windows version that you can use. You should be able to just Google the two.

A. laptop to pc going thought just the AP.

B. pc to pc through the zeroshell with no internet.

After that you should know where you next step is. I have been testing zeroshell on alot of different devices and rarely find an issue with zeroshell itself.

Happy hunting 8)