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@bender02 wrote:

I found out that in order to login to zeroshell’s ssh as any user different from admin (ie as users added to kerberos’ database via the web interface), I need to do 2 more things that I didn’t figure out how to do via the web interface, I had to do them via ssh:
1) add that user to /etc/passwd
2) add that user to AllowUsers in /etc/ssh/sshd_config
otherwise ssh complains that it’s an invalid user and doesn’t authenticate.

The positive outcome of this is that now I can use sftp and scp to copy files to/from zeroshell (which wouldn’t work with the ‘admin’ user, since its ‘login shell’ script sends some text automatically on each login, which throws off all the s{cp,ftp} clients).

1st question: is there an easier way to enable sftp-server subsystem on zeroshell to actually function (btw, it runs by default, but it’s unusable).

2nd question (I guess to fulvio) is: is this so by design, or would I have a chance requesting a feature to add the possiblity to do these 2 changes via the web gui interface? Thanks. [btw, fulvio, thanks for this otherwise excellenty running system! I really love it.]

i need your help.. pls give me step by step how you do 2 things. cause i’m not good in unix system command…

i’ve created new user but i cant login ssh with it..

and i need guide to do sftp too..