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@jnickel wrote:

Hi Guys,

I have 4 DSL connections I want to load balance between.

My only concern is that the ISP has given my IP addresses that are all on the same subnet and each one has the same gateway.

So…for example:

DSL 1 has an IP of and a gateway of
DSL 2 has an IP of and a gateway of
DSL 3 has an IP of and a gateway of
DSL 4 has an IP of and a gateway of

Will I be able to sucessfully setup load balancing with this arrangement?

Can I get any suggestions on how to make this work?



Mate I just checked, there’s an option that I recall.. it’s the “Interface” option of the load balancer.

NOTE: This CANNOT be used in conjunction with a “gateway address” – you can’t set a forwarding interface AND a gateway IP. It’s one or the other.

I reckon you can make it work.. but there’s one catch.
Yo’ll probably have to use PPPoE and terminate the PPP sessions on the ZS box.
Check out the Net Balancer page, go to Manage, select/create a gateway and go “Change”. On the right side there’s a drop box “Network Interface”. This might do what you want. Maybe sub-interfaces/vlans would reduce the need for NICs if you’re virtualised.

Hmm had a thought, proxy-arp might be of additional use here for you if you can’t use a gateway IP per connection, and PPPoE is out of the picture.
It’s easy enough for ZS box to proxy-arp.. but you may instead need it on your modem to avoid having to set an upstream gw per interface. It’s where the modem ARP-replies for any IP address it has a route for. Not commonly used these days with the advent of L2/L3 switches. Check the hw docs or ask around obout your model of router/modem.)

Wondering.. what’s your provider like? Small and helpful, or large and unresponsive? If they’re small, a simple change or two might be enough to make things work without trickery.
Also wonder what your route table entry is in their NAS. If you can get them to check if your IP is part of a subnet homed on the NAS eg do they allocate you addresses in /30 blocks with one IP homed on the NAS or are they using ‘IP unnumbered’. I’m reaching here but if you can just get an IP for the other end unique to each interface..