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PPS. Another thing I am interested is the backup and recovery feature It sometimes makes .bak files as big as 300Mb and sometimes 10Mb. I also noticed that when I try to restore .bak files they return error and nothing happens. Does this mean that this feature is broken? (yes I did read the warning)
PPPS. Thanks to ppalias for answers but I did understand that Load Avg in upper right corner where info about CPU….. represents Load for CPU, I didn’t know that 3 numbers represent intervals 1min,5min,15min. And I still don’t know what numbers represent in terms % or something else (if it says 1.5 or 15 or 25…..of what)
SOLVED=> thanks to ppalias

The file size of the backup depends if you take a snapshot of the logs as well.
The Load of the CPU is something like percentage. E.g 0.32 0.15 0.08 means than during the last minute the CPU was utilized 32%, during last 5 minutes 15% and during 15 last minutes 8%. If the figure goes above 1 it means that the request for cpu was over the offer. This is just a rough explanation. Check this article.